Boss Ladies Unite

Maternity leave has me thinking about me and mine… so perfectly aligned with our You & Yours collaboration! wink wink
Laura Johnson, boss lady extraordinaire, used to work with me at vocabulary years ago.  She made herself necessary in about 5 minutes, and I’ve loved and respected her ever since.  Sharp mind, big open heart, strong hugs (my favorite) fun style and a passion for spirits.  Yeah, she is a delight, and so is her love child: You & Yours Distillery.
She asked me to collaborate with a dream team of ladies, and that day I thought, wow, look who is on my team! I’m so grateful!  
Courtney, Conni, Laura and I had a hoot pulling looks together, talk about a Good Friday! #ilovemyjob I had to share this coral accordion midi skirt by French Connection.  From boss lady to wedding guest, how gorgeous is this number, paired easily with a blouse, tee, or body suit: cultivating that summer chic that is perfectly accessorized with a craft cocktail.Thirsty?  Head over to You & Yours and try any of the options, all of which are an absolute delight, EVEN the mocktails. Cozy up on the sofa and drink in the decor that is everything I want my next home to look like.

Ps. I’m working my normal schedule until July 1st. Our new arrivals are AMAZE! Pop in to see me, the goods, and meet our new stylist, Suher!

xoxo, Cecelia


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