Tallia Basket
Tallia Basket
Tallia Basket
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Tallia Basket

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Now, who doesn't like a little honey? The Talia Basket features a honeycombed design so sweet you can't leave home without it. You'll attract more than bees.

This handmade bag has so many uses. Take it shopping at the farmer's market or buying groceries. You'll save on purchasing bags. Or add it to your home decor and fill it with magazines, blankets, or toys. 

The Talia Basket is a versatile, ethically-made piece that will last for a long time. Handmade means quality and each rattan basket take time to weave by expert weavers trained in Thai design.

There's nothing wrong with trying a little honeycomb. The Talia Basket is a handbag, basket, and storage vessel all in one.

13" H x 13" L x 7" D

*Because each piece is individually hand woven and made, there may be slight variations in color, dimensions and texture.

Limited quantities available. 

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