Earring Club

Welcome to the Party!

I have wanted to offer this for years, before subscriptions were popular, and didn't because I had a few questions as to how I would do it and whether you'd choose it. So, with my new found mission to follow my joy and address questions as they arise. Here we go!

I LOVE the earrings we carry at vocabulary. Absolutely love them, and I know you do too! We have beautifully hand made pieces, dainty gems, big bold statement-makers, colorful or neutral, loud or subtle, we have an INCREDIBLE collection. So, I invite you to my earring party, and while I wanted to come up with one option to keep things simple, I also wanted to give you options. 

You tell me...How would you like fun earrings to arrive at your door, monthly, a gift from a gal that loves you! I've come up with three subscription options, all of which include an additional complimentary pair for your birthday. You can pay one time for the year, or pay monthly, and there will be payment options like cc, paypal or applepay, venmo etc...

I will send you a little questionnaire to find out some of your preferences, and you can share as much or as little information with me to help me curate your subscription. I will ask things like: do you prefer bigger or smaller earrings, heavy or light, gold or silver, and your collection will reflect your preferences. Fun RIGHT!? I am so excited to try this, and I'm open to all of your questions, concerns, and suggestions. Just hit reply and I will address things as they arise:)

xoxo, Cecelia

If you are gifting the membership, please let me know the recipient's information so I can connect with them after you've given your gift. I can also create a sweet virtual card with a description for you to share.