Ask and You Shall Recieve

Monday Monday...
It's raining here, and while I was loading my new dish washer (a chorus of angels was singing AMEN and I could feel the wet breeze on my face from the window. I sighed and said thank you. It's really lovely when you work toward a goal, achieve it AND really enjoy it moment after moment. This is me in my new home. Grateful, present, and wanting to share:)
There's a spring in my step to be sure, and I'm certainly feeling it at the boutique as well. Look how beautiful our new pieces are! These beauties just arrived.
Sea and Grass bags are beautifully structured, hand made by artisans in Thailand, and I'm obsessed:) The spring dresses are just what you asked for, along with more open hours to come try them on.
You got it! I hope you will enjoy the receiving as much as I enjoy the offering.
Here's to reciprocated love stories at your local boutique:)
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. our goal is to maintain hours Thursday - Sunday 11-5, as well as by appt.
Please share your feedback, your schedule, and how we fit into it, matters to us:)
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