May Grey Got Nothin' On Me

May Grey... goes well with summer whites.
That's a fresh perspective for me. Grey days can really get me down, especially in May when my Michigan roots have me beyond READY for Summer. San Diego has had me all confused in years past, like WHAT?!?! Why is it getting cold and dark when it's supposed to be the Month of Spring I've been waiting all winter for...Today, of course, is gorgeous, and on my best day I can look at a storm, appreciate it's parts: the before during and after... and today is one of those days, where I'm feeling the benefits of taking good care of myself, and am available to support those around me as well. I'm not depleted, and the grey of the sky this morning, was an opportunity to see these bright whites in lovely contrast, highlighted by their surroundings. Perspective. SO incredibly powerful. Sleep and meditation too. Pretty powerful tools. wink wink
I love using clothing as a metaphor for life, because we all use it, we all interact with clothing each day, and I'm obsessed with the fact that when we become more intentional about our days, what we wear, certainly, we learn about ourselves and in my experience, have a bit more joy, every day.
So if you, like me, are a sucker for a good white, be it a wine, a dress or a tank top, I GOT you. This poplin dress is pretty, feminine, and comfortable, with a smocked back and 100% cotton and named for the Birch Trees from my home. This tank is chic, fierce, easy... perhaps the higher neck is a new cut for you.
Must Trys.
Memorial Day weekend we are having a little soiree, can you believe it?! Wine tasting with whites, reds and rosés, with a shopping twist to kick off Summer. I've ALWAYS wanted to have a Memorial Day weekend party, and I've never done it. WHY?! Who knows, but this is the year. Details to come, yes you are SO invited. We intend to do this in a way that we feel safe AND fabulous, let me know any suggestions you may have.
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. We use photography from our brands to highlight their pieces, really appreciating that many of our brands are working with more diverse models, less white and blonde than before, and helping our website be more inclusive and reflective of our clientele, Grateful for positive change. Have you noticed a difference?
Pps. The necklaces and ring below are PERFECTION! I will be highlighting them and LTJ denim on my instagram LIVE Friday 10am PST. Join me when you can! We post the lives so you can watch any time you like. muah!
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