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Happy Friday!
Today I had a really fun live trunk show on instagram featuring Able jewelry, a company that concerns itself with reducing poverty, empowering women, and supporting small businesses like mine with creative collaborations during a challenging year. I'm grateful, and I LOVE their pieces!
The necklace above, along with many others we carry, can be personalized. What a wonderful way to notice, commemorate and honor someone's experience. A date, a name, a word, an intention, a wish, a truth...
Some of the personalized messages people order are foreign to us, we have no idea what they mean, because they are that personal, other times, they are inspirational and and so well articulated... then I want one that says that too! lol They are always meaningful, and we are ALWAYS honored to help you share love with yourself and others, happy to wrap and write a personalized note and get your pieces shipped with care, cultivating more support, love and joy in this world of ours.
Mother's Day was my inspiration today, and we now have many customizable pieces online for all the mamas ( and I mean all the versions of mamas), and we have samples in the boutique if you want to see in person. If you order soon, we will easily get your gifts delivered by Mothers Day.
Today I shared my favorite Mother's Day gift we've even given my mom, a lilac bush, that blooms around the time of Mother's Day most every year, and always reminds us of our continually growing expanding family, as it takes up more and more space in the yard of our childhood home. She wouldn't wear a necklace but she tends her garden and LOVES a wine on the back deck, next to the lilac bush. What's your favorite mother's day gift you've given? It's astonishing to me most days, that I'm a "mama" as Lillian calls me, and other times, it's like she was always there, I was always in training for this experience, and she was simply born on the right day...
This life is so big, so full. While I was describing our family today, I got a whiff of just how temporary it all is, in a sense, and started to cry. We are vulnerable, organic beings, so today I remind you to hold on tight, and yet let go, forgive, love and be kind.
What a ride....
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PS. WE ARE HIRING as we try to RE-OPEN our doors and extend our hours at the boutique.
I'm looking for tech savvy fashionistas, who want to love on all of you with excellent customer service.
Know anyone?! Is this you? Please email me with resumé and why you'd like to work at vocabulary. Please help me spread the word, I know many of you want to come in at your leisure, and we want to serve you!
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