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Happy Friday!
This week has been big. I had one of the best and worst moments of my life within two minutes of one another. NEWS. Information that comes in from the outside, two phone calls in this case. Back to back. Some of the sweetest and hardest to hear. I am being vague because while the details are important to me, the ability to surf these waves, is in all of us, and it's remarkable.
I have been told over and over that big emotions and experiences help us learn more about ourselves, no thanks, is often my response. In this moment, I am beyond grateful to have some of the tools I've gathered, sharp and ready, to help me process this information, ALL my feelings, and continue to show up with my heart open, taking care of myself and my family. I know what I need in order to do so... I can even share some of those tools with others in case they are helpful.
Big life experiences require more refined tools, a more intimate relationship with self.
I didn't know this when I was younger, I thought you just plowed through, head down, and we do that too, but now I know something as simple as washing my face can actually be the minutes, the touch, the shift that supports an hour or a day during this life, sometimes calm and easy, sometimes turbulent, and all the feelings that go along with my experience. Whether I'm just laying back and floating, getting after it to enjoy the ride, stretching myself, falling, scrambling, trying something new, frozen with fear, relying on an old trusty maneuver, safe... I'm alive, and I can support myself in all of these positions.
So, while it is important to me not to "sell" you something, I do want to share my tools with you, and today's trunk show on instagram, funny enough, is featuring beauté nouveau skincare, which I use and appreciate for so many reasons.
The daily face wash has become a great gift two women gave to me. The products that help my skin, instead of harming, the time for myself, the ritual, the prioritization, both the maker and the aesthetician who I call friends, have helped me refine a very simple act into actual SELF LOVE. Healing, caring, kindness for my self. I'm grateful, happy to share, and willing to show my face, even though a small part of me just wants to hide.
Big love to you and a HUGE reminder, you have no idea what just happened on the phone with the human you are now speaking to...
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