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Hey you, sometimes we only have a quick sec to check in and catch up, and this is one of those days. This guiding star necklace is an invitation to follow your own guidance, desire, spark... please treat yourself.
Let me know what you are up to... I am buying a HOUSE! I AM BUYING A HOUSE!!! five years in the making, and we are moving into our own home with a yard....
Changing, evolving, growing in some ways is subtle, small, sweet, maybe quiet, and then some things are loud , HUGE, heavy, earth moving, this is one of those. Jewelry like this helps continually stoke the fire of your desires, reminding you every time you put it on to follow the light within. Pretty powerful stuff, a gift to one's self...What are you getting after?
Big love to you today on this fine day! You may have felt the earth move around 11 am...that was me, I MOVED a mountain.
xoxo, Cecelia
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