FIRED UP!!!!!!

I am so FIRED up I will try to type without typos, and if you know me well, you will know that is very challenging for me in even my calmest state. I am going to try my best to clearly articulate myself.
But first, this dress is a very pretty, flattering silhouette on so many of us, AND it's a great spring floral with a touch of neon yellow which is just the zing I need right now. How about you?
Now, for my story...
Imagine this, I'm walking into a meeting with a man, and normally that wouldn't be important, but this time it is. I have a goal in mind, a desire, a dream come true opportunity.
I'm wearing this sweet floral dress to support my feminine side, my allowing of gifts to flow toward me, my ease, and I feel confident and relaxed. The neon is important though, because I'm facing some serious resistance. I need strength, resilience, and fuel for my fire.
He isn't on board.
I get it, there are a few tangible reasons that validate the position. I've considered and honored those already, and in spite of them, am following my joy, with some weight coming from an important personal need and a lot of patience. The conversation, or negotiation, is a long time comin'.
Now, many of you may know exactly what I mean and have already inserted 1 or 100 of your own stories where this is the beginning. Feel free to bring it to this conversation, all of your fire.
If not, good for you, and please stick with me, there are new earrings at the end:)
If you need a soundtrack, imagine Aretha Franklin singing "people get ready" you don't need baggage, just hop on board... Faith is the key."
Now I'm in a situation where I need a little help, a little more patience, and a bit of m.oney, to support my desire. I'm not going to force this issue, but I am INSPIRED. I am going to raise the funds, and I am going to accomplish one of the biggest goals I have focussed on in my adult life.
You are going to help me, and I am grateful.
Here's how:
1 Send me your story, words of encouragement or just high five the screen as you reed. I feel you.
2 email me or text me to book a private shopping appointment.
reply here or text 619.316.6598
Facetime appointments also available for you out of towners needing a vocab fix.
3 sign up for the earring club. and then send this email to a girlfriend and ask her to sign up and gift herself too! Tell two friends even. Share on facebook.
Three options, customized gifts from me each month.
And in the most feminist of ways, we together rise up, raise our economic mobility and impact, share our hearts & stories, and accomplish our goals. Let's spread this fire, in the prettiest, coolest way possible, by adorning ourselves.
I love you and am grateful for your support.
xoxo, Cecelia
For try ons coming later this week, follow below.

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