Hello Holiday

Hello Holidays, I'm so glad to see you. I'm in the mood for decorating, and gifting and making a list of all I'm grateful for. I need it, because these past few weeks I've been so concerned with all that isn't in place. I'm shifting my energy and committing to the last months of this year. I will show up with grace and gratitude.
Baah Humbug be gone! I'm not worthy BS! And as I say it, so it is!
I'm celebrating the truth of this season, what is sacred to me, what inspires me, what moves me because it carries meaning.
Yesterday, Conni and I made plans for champs at 3, and we dressed up. While it wasn't perfect, wink wink (because life is challenging and complicated) it actually WAS. The rain on the windowpanes, the bubbles in our vintage coupes, and an afternoon date, to do something we enjoy, babies and all. It was a perfectly blissful holiday kick off!
This blouse was a fun and easy option to wear with black denim and my sparkly heels.
Red nails were the cherry on top, and I've been wearing these festive earrings with everything! click here
I think I'll keep my nails red, as a reminder: grace and gratitude.
Please save the date for a little shopping party with me on Small Business Saturday.
Invite to follow.
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. I'm so grateful for you! What a treat it's been to wrap up and ship out your online purchases and then see your pics as you share what you are wearing and where you are wearing them. I just love bringing our local shop to a larger neighborhood!
Pps. We are HIRING a part-time stylist who is willing to work weekends
Please email resumé and cover letter to
#shopvocabulary #articulateyourstyle

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