Parisian Perfection

This Summer I've been enjoying restaurants more than ever before: sitting on a patio with someone helping shop for, prepare, and bring me food while I visit with my family, friends, little one.  Food at home is more challenging these days, with L at my feet, and you know how I feel about the dishes piling up!  LOL
Last week we visited Little Frenchi in Coronado, where honestly the service and ambience were better than the food, but the sparkly evening where even my niece and nephew enjoyed their meal, was beyond a win and when we were asked how everything was I said AMAZING!  We had so much fun chatting about a future trip to France, how they prepared the crepes differently than we do, and our love of lemon curd.  Our outfit of the week is French inspired too, this wide leg pant is great because of where it hits at the waist and the full fall of the leg.  There's nothing in my opinion better than a 3/4 sleeve, stripe & boat neck top, so this ensemble is nothing short of perfection. Comfortable too, because I got you!
The service industry is so interesting, and these days we are spending a lot of our money on food, coffees, experiences.  People are cultivating lives filled with connection (that doesn't come with online shopping) and I love building relationships with the service providers.  Lillian is becoming known to many servers in Little Italy, oh its our "favorite baby" ha ha just like in the song on Sesame Street.  These are the people in our neighborhood. This is community.
Reminder, most people who thrive in the customer service profession LOVE people and enjoy making others happy. What a wonderful starting point when you sit down at a table, or walk into our boutique.  I hope you'll be inspired to dress for the life you love to live, and, be curious how much more enjoyable a conversation can be when you show up, where you don't have to do every part, people are there to help, and there's a story to learn if you simply ask a good question, or really elaborate on your own answer.  How are you today? 
  Please join us for our Inner Goddess Shopping Party Sunday, we're so grateful for all the vibrance Suher has brought to vocabulary this year, and honestly, no one is more excited to help you feel fabulous in your new outfit. 
See You Sunday.
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. Speaking of community, today is Lillian's Birthday. It's been one year that I've been nurturing her, and you've been sending your love and support. Thank you! Every time you shop at vocabulary, you support our family, our neighborhood, and help us teach her that small businesses are a valued part of our culture because we really care about one another!  

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