Suns Out! Buns Out...

... and by buns I mean BICEPS, bc guns just doesn't seem right to say and I'm not warm enough for a swim suit just yet.
Holy Holy Holy is a statement in one of my meditations.  It's soothing and I find myself saying it to myself sometimes, with a deep breath.  Holy holy holy.  I am thinking a lot about external soothing to our inner feelings/thoughts.  This big world outside of ourselves can feel out of control, challenging, rude, loud, over stimulating (even with greatness), and how we navigate or cope with our experience is a big part of our life.  A friend of mine has a huge job with a lot of responsibility and works extensive hours.  She told me recently that she liked her outfit that day, and that helped.  I said amen sister.  I know how much I enjoy comforting my body with soft fabrics or oil nouveau, or playing with accessories to lighten my mood.  I am very mindful of the shoes I'm wearing for look, feel, and movement.  Sometimes I want to feel fierce and a certain heel or design can help me achieve that.  Sometimes I want to be more serious, and I choose a tailored shirt or jacket.  It's important to know these are inspirations and they represent an energy we are inviting in... to support us.  The truth of our experience is internal and often unique to us.  Healing, soothing, coping internally are all parts of our day.  Sometimes we got this and sometimes we don't, right?  So I'm interested in how we decorate our outsides to influence our insides.   What inspired all of this was my recent visit to holy matcha and its AMAZING interior design, and consequently the line of bloggers wanting to photograph there.  Yes, I have a new business idea if anyone is interested.  Instead of a drive in, its a drive up n shoot, with an ever changing backdrop somewhere with ideal lighting:) ...Go get it n send me a big tip when you make your first mill! ha ha
Back to the point. 
Holy matcha has a short and concise menu with delicious offerings that I swear taste more divine because of the serene surroundings.  Interior design is interesting in that it's external stimulus, just like our wardrobes, and can invoke internal feelings.  So while the real master of the universe is zen regardless of the external, most of us humans can inspire a more beautiful inner world, by decorating it wall all that feels joyful.
So my outfit of the week muscle tee has that hip girl, confident and comfortable in my skin, who enjoys lavender in my matcha on any given Wednesday and prioritizes the time with a friend to sip & stroll vibe.  Right?!?!
Get in here, and let us help you invoke all the feels you need to make your life holy and amazing!
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. Ruthie Red: a power color! 
Pps. for some helpful soothing tips beyond blouses, click here

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