Sweater Weather

I'm obsessed with a few new sweaters we just received, and thought this was a fun ensemble for Thanksgiving. Click photo for shopping.
What are your plans this year, and what are you wearing?! I'm thinking of seeing a couple mom friends at the park with drinks and some distance, we see each other daily anyway, but this makes me feel I have "plans". I miss my mom, hi MOM! I've been inspired by some of the covid conscious gatherings at the park we visit daily, so I'm hoping we could do something that feels safe and festive. Honestly, there was a full on professional dj on halloween. Pepped me right up, from a very far distance, lol. It's time to be creative, it's time to be grateful, simple, kind to yourself and others who might also be missing their moms, or partners, or friends, whatever it is, we are collectively struggling along, even those of us who are also thriving. I like to be very clear with myself about my blessings these days, and make SURE I am giving them notice, right along side my strife:)
Here, we are planning a new type of holiday pop up for December 5th. We are creating care packages both for our friends and family as well as yours, THIS IS MY FAVORITE!
Please let me know how I can help you gift this year, it's such a fun way to spread love and good cheer. COZY UP! We got this, we can do anything, and everything is possible, and here's a big hug and kiss as I send you back out the door... into... you tell me.
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. I just LOVE our boutique and our sweet little online shop! How about you?
Do you mind sharing our site with friends and family that may want to support small businesses this giving season?! We'd love to help you AND yours with your gifting needs, in person or virtually. I really appreciate you! xo
We will have some fun deals for Small Biz Saturday and Cyber Monday
(as if every day isn't cyber something these days) lol
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