Triple Threat

As we stroll into November, we ready ourselves for holiday parties, grateful gatherings and the spirit of generosity. What a lovely time of year. We just received several options for your holiday party, slightly more festive versions of your favorite sweater, dress or earrings, that you reserve for this time of year. I love the fit and feel of this adorable sweater, and can't wait for you to try with your Audrey Hepburn inspired flats or kitten heels.
The key to opening up and enjoying a new season is to embrace all the opportunities it poses as opposed to letting it overwhelm you. Trick: arm yourself, or in this case, adorn yourself, for what you see coming. Don't be threatened, be the triple threat!
If you played along with me last week, you pulled some pieces to the front of your closet to wear in this particularly bipolar weather pattern. Friday I brought out my hot pink silk tank, and I COZIED UP on Sunday, so excited for the chill in the air. How about you?
The change in season, the month of November, the weather, whatever inspires you... take it and run with it. I'm going to pull my favorite holiday skirt to the front and will most likely pair it with this beauty. I LOVE a sweater that has a little swing to it, and this one has just that, and more. The velvet is a sweet but dramatic touch without the commitment of an entirely velvet dress. Southern California Perfection.
Pop in to see all our options, or follow our stories as we post our new arrivals this week.
Don't worry, new accessories coming online next week.
Xoxo, Cecelia
PS. Jackets I LOVE click here

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