What up Wednesday!?

This coat is delightful. Its chunky texture is everything you might want for a cozy evening paired with your favorite denim and leather boots...or booties if you prefer:)
 What's underneath the layers?!  That's what my coach keeps asking me and why, there are so many elements to discover!  That's what's up! Wishes, dreams, triggers, assumptions, old limiting beliefs...  I challenge you to ask yourself what's underneath your big feelings this week, and actually sit quietly and see what comes up.  Your mind, heart or body will answer you. If not, ask before you go to sleep and allow your dreams to tell you.  And ps. there is probably something underneath that as well, so just enjoy diving internally, during this season of nesting and looking within to see what you find...for now.   I found out that I have a few ideas about the world that aren't at all true and were effecting so many of my understandings, or shall I say MISunderstandings.  Now that I know, I can ask myself if those assumptions are at play again or I'm actually responding to what's happening in real time. Game changed friends!  The more I know about what's underneath my emotions, the more I can feel confidently that I'm present, whole, and available for new adventures.
So this Fall is all about layering up in dressing and peering in emotionally.
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. Need some lucky charms?!  We LOVE the New arrivals from local designer Mimi & Lu all layered up for all the luck!

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