Beachy Tees & Summer Blues

From May greys to June glooms, we have a cozy basic in beachy french blue, that will certainly be, your new GO TO!
The clouds take me inward, and while I'm spending time with my little one, I'm growing my heart and finding areas that need help. Remember the horoscope for the year I shared in January?  It said make healing your boss this year.  Well my friends, it is, and as I refer to my sessions with my coach: emotionally this is like running, or more like walking, the stadium bleachers.  Hardest work out, want to stop in the middle, feels so good when it's done.  Repeat. I guess that's true of growing any new habits, muscles, businesses, awarenesses, relationships...
Anything worth trying is worth the tough, and as inspiring or supportive as statements like that are, I find that there is often an ensuing void.  HOW!?!?
How do I start?  How do I keep going? How do I know if these feelings of fear are habitual or presently concerning?  How do I address this, How do I feel, and how do I process these feelings? How do I share? How do I celebrate a win amongst losses?  How am I going to learn something new?  How does this work? How am I going to count my blessings and show gratitude? How am I going to show up?  What does that even mean? lol
Girl, I'm with you... I can say that we are constantly learning, and an acceptance for where we currently are is a key to joy.  I watched Groundhogs Day this past weekend, highly recommend, and saw someone struggling to see, to feel, to understand, and finally stopped trying.  He started enjoying himself, exploring each moment and relationship for what it could be, and didn't try to fast forward to the end result.  He showed up in a new way each day, and interestingly started enjoying himself more, as he dove into those moments completely.  Again, how?  I think there is a voice or a feeling that is subtle inside of us, stearing, reminding, fine tuning as we go.  It's our instrument, and for me I need a coach to help me listen to it and learn from it, although it's getting stronger and I'm getting more accustomed to playing. Guides show up.  Teaching help arrives. Ask for it, allow for it.  The process is slow, my muscles are still weak, but my smile is sliiiiightly larger, quicker, and truer.  My anxiety is lessened, and I'm slightly more aware of all the feelings floating around me, voiced or silent, not mine to do anything with but compassionately acknowledge, this human experience is many things.  Less right and wrong, more curiosity.  Less good or bad, more wondering.  
A boss I truly admire (Hi Jennifer!) wrote this week about how many don't share the tough experiences publicly.  They share the celebrations.  This is a form of showing gratitude, I know and appreciate, but also, so allows many of us to feel isolated in our struggles.  She then talked about sitting in that struggle, wondering why, what's next, demonstrating that it was safe to remain curious about how the changes will bring the next level of experience.  TRUST.  Loved her sharing, and what an example of: I feel uncomfortable, I wonder why.  No need to react in this moment.  I can ride this wave as I've ridden the others, with grace...I can learn more about myself within this experience; thank you for sharing!
One way to learn how to ride a wave is to try, along with others possibly a bit further on in the process than you right? She's an entrepreneur I interviewed several times when "next leveling" in some way. 
She showed me how to do several things in those conversations. One thing I needed to figure out, I learn through human conversations and lessons.  I LOVE a coaching situation, athletic, or otherwise, so I put that in place.  How do you learn is a great question to ask and answer for yourself if you haven't already because we are all here learning, rarely mastering, often expanding...
Wow, this was a long one.  I have to say it was a looooong weekend too. Thank you for witnessing my journey, and please pop in for our new Summer Collection.  So many beautiful pieces for your weekdays, weekends, trips, weddings, showers, meetings, naps and walks.  
We're here to help you learn HOW to articulate your style, listening to that voice inside that says this feels good!
xoxo, Cecelia
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