Hang in There Baby

I'm tryin'!...and succeeding.
It is with an uplifted heart that I write today's message.  Vocabulary is struggling.  Retail is tough, our economy is contracted, and I was feeling really scared.  Many shops are closing. As we enter into our tenth year, I am asking how can we grow and expand?  How can we serve you in the best possible way?  How can I do retail MY WAY and succeed right alongside Amazon and all.  In the past I would have given into the fear, simply stating I can't afford this.  And this year, I felt it, and then I asked what do I need to know?  What do I need to learn in order to continue on my path? Side note, If I'm going to coach women in business, I better take the senior level class "how do I save my business"!  Right?!
So I asked my big sister, I followed her guidance, eating the universe's bread crumbs and seeing where they lead.  So far I understand we need to build our community, which is how we started.  Vocabulary only opened because a group of people offered small (huge to me) donations or assistance.  Fitting that this week I have met neighbors, heard similar stories and I've been told that we are appreciated and not alone.  We need to share our knowledge and stories of ourselves, this beautiful boutique filled with products we love, why we love them, and how they support you in living your best life.  We want to talk to you more frequently, so please email and text us when you are looking for something, even if you can't pop in.  We will be reaching out more too.
I can't help but be aware of what this email could be, my regretfully informing you that we have to close our doors. Alternatively, This email is a call to action. I need your help.
I'm coming to you with all the vulnerability of a new mom, an open heart, an entrepreneur with big dreams and staff to support.
I know that you love vocabulary, how much we care about you, where you are headed and how you are showing up.  I know that you enjoy the joy we cultivate and work with us on spreading it across this glorious universe with every wear and share of our goods. Your generosity and gifting is such an inspiration to me! I know that everything is possible so "brick n mortar retail is dead" is NOT necessarily our story.
Our story is this: we are a community working together!  We are a retailer that gets to remain open and thriving because:
You shop with us as often as possible.
You shop with us this month. 
You share our posts, and tag us in your posts when wearing our pieces.
When you receive compliments, you share your feelings about vocabulary, our stylists, and the products we carry.
You invite your friends to shop at vocabulary.
Shopping with girlfriends before dinner or after brunch is REALLY fun, and yes, we will pour you a wine!
If you don't live here you will shop our online collection, coming very soon, or text us when you see something you love.  We ship!
You reach out when in need, and we support you. Fashion Emergencies Welcome!
If we don't have it we'll help you find it.
You use our space. You schedule a meeting, a shopping party, or your next workshop at vocabulary.
You spend your lunch break with us.
You come to vocabulary first, and you trust us.
We will celebrate this win all together in September on our tenth birthday, and you will know that it's because of you that we are here, hearts and doors open, and our gratitude is HUGE!
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. how great is this tee?! 
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