Here WE Go

I asked for help and I'm grateful for all that I'm receiving.  Thank you!  I have come to the realization that what I'm doing is trusting, I'm actually trusting.  I'm not looking for right or wrong, I've got my relaxed hoodie on, and I'm soothing my fear and anxieties, as I KNOW that I am going to follow the bread crumbs as they say, and see where this takes me.  If I'm driving, someday soon Oprah is interviewing me and we talk about last week's email being a huge turning point, where I realize I am not alone and the universe is fully creating with me, a joyous and meaningful life. There is something divine and feminine about asking and allowing help.  I'm exploring where this takes me and so far, each day has been FILLED with fascinating people showing up, divine timing, interesting ideas and brilliance.  I'm on a real life treasure hunt, and I am really enjoying myself.  Yesterday I met with a group of women to discuss my reinvestment into vocabulary, how it looks feels and functions.  I'm asking you to reinvest too. Please pop in, or reach out and let us know what you are looking for, and allow us to help you, wrap it up, and maybe even give you a big hug on your way out.  We are so grateful for your helping us
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. this hoodie is everything!  perfectly soft, cozy, flattering, chic, comfortable... to say it has it all is an understatement, come in and get it!  You will not be disappointed. muah!

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