Ready to Escape?

When faced with harsh realities, we often want to flee, right?!  Fight or flight, I'm gonna take a flight, lol! Morrocco, South of France, my Moms house in Michigan... You feel me?! 
I was told last night that I was facing this reality, and I heard my friend, and I said you are right.  I'm facing this challenge of saving vocabulary. I'm asking for help, reinvesting in my business, and asking you to show us all kinds of love, and as you are, I'm receiving that love.  I share this because I think it applies to so many of our days, filled with challenging conversations, big decisions, letting go of what no longer serves, learning new lessons, break ups, make ups... 
While we want to take escape, what will we bring with us, and where are we headed?  What are we avoiding, and what can we learn when we unpack this experience?  This life is so incredibly fascinating, and if we shift our lens from fear & judgement to acceptance with love & trust, can read much more like a rich novel than a scary story.
 I do feel that this is a time of growth and expansion, that the challenging emotions that come up are clearing old ways of operating, likes waves washing away the sand, and what will remain will be more fun, more inviting, more exhilarating, more true, more me and more you...
And because our lives our so incredibly synchronistic, our shop is filled with new arrivals perfect for your getaways: your worldly adventures, your movie, your trip back home, your staycation, your night with a wine flight and a bestie...
This jumpsuit and romper, yes its a romper below, are a must!
We got you. Here's to looking and feeling your most beautiful, inside and out, as you travel this glorious universe.
xoxo, Cecelia
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Ps. Welcome to the neighborhood! The Guild Hotel on West Broadway is a chic, boutique hotel with a lovely patio and gathering spaces for what promises to be a new neighborhood gem!

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