Bonjour Mon Cherie!
So, I'm curious, why am I so head over heels with what I FEEL is Parisian style...
I just had a meeting with our interior design team, and as I said before, we are going for a Parisian Apartment with a Great Closet as our inspiration, and we feel we've nailed it!
It's hard to know why... but here's the intention...
We create a space that feels inspiring, beautiful and comfortable, where we pursue meaningful conversations and relationships, while cultivating and spreading joy. Parisian or not, the pieces we've chosen are incredible! (and yes said with a French Accent sounds trés chic to me)
I cannot wait to show you what we've come up with... and for the next six weeks you will see our stages. We will have some fun discount days that mean we have less to move around if you come shop, and ALL of our fixtures are now for sale. We will put some prices on things, but PLEASE make us an offer and tell us how you will use that chandelier or those shelves.
I'm excited to see where these pieces travel.
I will tell you that before the meeting I wanted to close my eyes and ears and scream, okay have your way with the place - I can't watch! I've never felt this way before. I'm scared to make a change, make a mistake. And yet, I'm so excited to reinvest, refresh, recreate our place to better manifest our mission.
SO, I'm calling on all the ladies, Madonna (Confessions on a Dance Floor) keeps coming to mind.
Lead me, hold my hand, remind me that as women we are ever changing, growing more powerful. Sometimes we need to step up our game, change our shoes, and reinvent our story, or more accurately just fine tune our telling of it. So, here I go....
Please pardon our dust during our process and keep poppin' in to see what we have in store or on instagram stories for you out of "gramers".
Again, I thank you for journeying with me. Painting begins Sunday, so it's officially GAME ON!
xoxo, Cecelia
Such a lovely fit with the sweetheart neckline and smocked back. Not all strapless fit the same, and this one is WORTH THE TRY ON, for certain.

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