C'est Trés Bon!

It's sooooooooo good! The sentiment may not be as chic in English, and I'm not sure which is better: this trench coat or our new wall color, but I know that I'm on the right path because everywhere I look I'm seeing stripes... my version of stars:)
You know I have a fierce love of stripes and as we've been discussing, a Parisian Affinity, if you will. When Conni and I went out to shoot this photo for you, I laughed out loud at how many women that morning were dressed in stripes, boat necks, and red lips, and then we found this magical place, which honestly, looks so much like the Park near my hotel in Paris, with the flowering white trees and blooms speckling the grass, minus the couple french kissing for an hour on the bench across the way (My friend and I laughed that day, saying they were cast to have their tryst in the park to maintain the romance of Paris, and then realized no, that's just how they chose to spend their afternoon, in love, in the Park:) Romantic.
So while that was missing, this was still a glorious Spring Like Day, and I strolled with my friend with cappuccinos, chatting, getting creative, wearing this trench, so chic, yet so relaxed and comfortable...
I just read a Coco Chanel quote "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury." and I've been thinking about that, how good "luxury" feels when its personalized and comfortable, and how awkward when it isn't. Anyway, as we painted last weekend, a bit of sugar now on our walls, it felt more and more beautiful and comfortable, heavenly really, inside. Please pop in, and why not come Saturday when we are hosting Bear Necessities?! They are local mom makers of body products infused with CBD oil. I've been using their relieving lotion on my neck which has been in knots, because as beautiful as the results are, the painting is serious work! It's been really soothing. No time for a massage for this mama, but this has really helped me feel significantly better!
Sending you love and gratitude for shopping with us as we redecorate.
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. Please continue to pardon our dust during this process and keep poppin' in to see what we have in store, so many new pieces arriving this week! A few fixtures left as well, so let us know if you'd like to take anything home:)
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