Come Away with Me

On my most recent buying trip I found several tiered dresses and tops, smocklike, pretty, flowy, and versatile... top or dress, coverup or coverall, all the pasta at dinner and feelin' fine pieces.
While this is not my favorite silhouette, I love this one, and it got me thinking about why I choose the pieces I do, for you.
It's the details. Sometimes the fabric and the fit, sometimes the ruffle or trim, the neckline, the color, etc. We all have clothing in our closet that fits and functions. I've always focused on the why this version when I buy. So, I'm going to start highlighting why I choose each piece on instagram stories, if that's fun for you to tune in.
I love this top because its full and flowy yet sheer, so you can see your body within it, like the best of both worlds really. It's the perfect tunic for Spring, as you can layer it with denim or pant, then with shorts, then over your swimsuit, and pairs well with sneakers sandals or slides. Why did I choose it though, over all the other flowy tiered tops that can be worn the same way. I LOVE the crisp yet soft feel of this white fabric, and the teeny tiny ruffle at each tier. I's just a little something special that sets this number apart from the others:) It invokes a feeling of femininity, warmth and maybe even vacation for me. I hope you'll let us know why you choose it as well.
Funny, because I'm off to Michigan where it isn't very warm, but I'm styling a fashion show there with a tropical theme. It's fun to bring the warm beachy vibes of San Diego with me to my often chillier home, and I'm certain the influence of their show is all over our most recent collection. Gotta love how every aspect of our lives infuses or inspires the others.
When you walk in this week, let us know if you sense a feeling of getting away, and perhaps allow this to be the nudge that helps you plan yours. We will help you fill your luggage!
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. A few of my favorite new arrivals below. Colors are a more vibrant in person especially with our new white walls, POP IN!

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