Stripes Earned

So, I'm at the boutique when the much anticipated, meticulously designed shelves arrive and they are ruined. RUINED! Tears, deep breaths, what are we going to do?!?! PAUSE. GO TO BED. NEXT DAY. Okay, so they aren't ruined, they need some touching up. They aren't exactly what we designed but they are better in some ways. They aren't perfect, nothing is. The details of the shelves and the days that it takes to sort through what is and isn't and what will be very shortly are all filled with feelings. I've earned my interior design stripes. How to cope with the reality of changes in a place you care about very much? It's big. I'm sure you have embarked on a similar adventure at some point, or perhaps avoided it at all costs. The emotional experience of putting yourself out there, making changes you feel inspired to make but aren't traditionally considered "necessary" all add to the value of the experience but also heighten the insecurity. How do we cope when we feel uncomfortable, scared, angry, or even ambiguous... I loved that I was able to cope better when I took deep breaths and say out loud, let's give this the night and see about it in the morning. I loved that my husband could do the same. This was after other words not so calmly thrown around, but we got there.
Triumph. Gold Star. Victory, however you like to high five yourself, for me, one more stripe earned.
My victory lap will take place in a couple weeks as we cross the finish line with I'm sure a list of things still to do, and a big smile on my face. I'm proud to reinvest in you, in our shared space, and the desire to feel more comfortable and confident both in my skin and within my walls because they are a reflection of who I am, who we are as a community.
Pop in and check on our progress. Please pardon our dust, and enjoy all the new pieces arriving daily.
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. Why this striped top over another? The boatneck is squared, a great look for certain face shapes, and again, just a little different than the rest.
I've been wearing my absolute favorite tops, like this one, during our design meetings. They are my trusted companions, and I've been fascinated to see what I wear when I want extra comfort and confidence.
What's your game gear?

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