Bougey Beachy Brunch Blouse

I keep singing they call me mellow yellow... this top has that bougey beachy vibe I love. The flattened bows at the shoulder and the loose but flattering waistline and peplum are pretty & preppy and comfortable throughout a bottomless mimosa brunch. I like this shoulder detail paired with a pointed heel, they just make sense together and a clutch & cuff combo. There are certain pieces that pair nicely together that I just know in my body in my mind. This is one, it’s like the great play you have in your pocket when you know it needs to work. Until we are back at the seaside brunches, this will also be gorgeous on a zoom call under a white blazer.
The yellow palms are jungleicious and I couldn’t be happier to be in heels and white denim. Get it ladies! It’s only $78 while the dress option is $148. Let me know, these beauties are not yet online.
I’m so excited to be receiving new arrivals with full sizing options. I will continue trying them on for you, let me know if there’s one you’d like to see first!
Xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. I have had many hits on a theme this week so I must share😉
In order to manifest magic, I must be willing to believe it’s possible AND open myself up to how things can work in bizarre ways.
Miracles do happen and the story around them doesn’t usually start with, so this totally mundane thing happened in a way you would assume...
they are awe inspiring. They begin with you are NEVER going to believe this!? It’s so crazy! It’s incredible! Better than I could ever have imagined!!!
My point being, if you are cultivating something that you’ve never experienced before, and it’s a big change, open up to how the latter story feels. Mic drop, jaw drop, full body high fives. We are worth it all, how can we manifest it? Feel it. .. and dance break. My fav song just came on! That’s a Kiss from the universe😘
Happy Wednesday. You too are magic!

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