Happy May!
I have a big question to ask you, plenty of weeks into our collective pandemic experience.
What will you be taking with you.
While this certainly was not a trip we signed up for, we are collectively navigating an uncertain and in many ways new terrain. Call it an adventure, journey, trip, fall, whatever you will, it's a big experience. And the words I'm hearing most are unprecedented and uncertain. SCARY to some, exciting to others, and you are on the trip whether you wanted to go or not...SO,
what did you bring with you or find on your journey, is my first question. My second, is what are you bringing with you as life and culture begin to transition back, or maybe I should say forward, out of a complete stay at home shut down.
Yes it will be gradual, and no we will not return back to the way it "was" on a given date. But I really like the idea of being mindful of what we discover and want to continue in any new experience.
Personally, I am bringing with me a real gratitude for those of us that care about each other's experiences. More people live collectively and consciously than I realized.
Professionally, I'm going to participate more in ways that work well for me. I LOVE online shopping. I thought I didn't but I was wrong, and I LOVE having an online boutique.
This has always been a mission of mine, to work in ways that I enjoy on my own terms, but I didn't always really act on it. I would sometimes beat myself up for not doing it the way I thought I should. Somehow during this time there was more permission granted (by my own self) more grace which led to more creative play and more joy.
Not as a concept, as an actual daily experience.
Logistically, we will be opening by appointment, and really happy to see you when you'd like to visit. We'll have some safety protocols for cleaning and I hope to continue with our conversations on DM, instagram, facebook, email and text. It's such a pleasure for me to connect with you outside of the boutique, where I'm more available, more of the time. It's super fun for me to ship packages, print labels and write sweet notes of gratitude to you and brighten your day in the comfort of your home. I'm overjoyed by those who are sending gifts, inspiring others to send gifts and on and on, just to say here's something sweet, just for you, because I care.
I will be bringing in some new lines that work with me in a new way as I explore being a shop owner in a Cecelian style, wink wink. There will be more as I continue to contemplate, but I wanted to get our collective juices flowing. What IS working right now?
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. I will be doing a try on of the midi dress above and talking about why I love our new bags from ABLE, this week. You can watch my videos and follow along with new arrivals using links below. Please reach out with questions or ideas! The videos are total amateur hour, but it's an opportunity for me to tell you WHY I love something and consider it valuable. As a buyer, this is dreamy.
Beauté Nouveau (Click here) is a great way to go!
Get free shipping with code YAY.
Let me know if it's a gift or if you want to schedule a time to pick up on Saturday:)

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