HUGE Favor

I have a HUGE favor to ask... okay two.
I appreciate you reading my emails and your responses so very much. I am grateful for our connection!
Will you please tell a friend about a favorite vocabulary find, where you wore it, why you love it?
AND... I know... TWO favors...
Will you please LIKE and SHARE a video of mine on instagram or facebook?
I am able to share my love for our offerings with more of you if you engage with my photos and videos. Otherwise, they don't go anywhere.
Social Media is a "more the merrier" situation, which you know I love.
The more connections we make, the more pieces I get to offer. The more fun we all have.
So, here we are, if you aren't already following me.
Want the most perfect crossbody/small tote bag pictured above?!
click here
If you love a good duster, this long cotton cardigan isn't avail online but we have one small left, email me. Price $118.
Want some fun pieces to layer, possible gifts for Mothers Day?! click here
I really appreciate you caring about me and supporting my adventures however fits for you. Hope you have a good week, this sh#%$&* is CRAZY.
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. Question! What is your favorite denim right now? We need a new line. Why do you love them, how do they fit, just reply back when you have a minute.
Pps. No time for sharing on social, girrrrl, that's okay! I will see you here next Wednesday and so looking forward to it. xo

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