Hey you, how are you?
I'm all fired up today:) The sun is out, and I'm sporting my favorite spring dress. THIS PRINT!!! I love the colors, I love the fit, I love that it's bright, but you can still pair with black, which to me, is a difference maker for wearing a colorful print in the evening... It adds a little edge. It has a rope belt which is possibly my favorite detail on anything.
It's the kind of dress I'm wearing to a party on a boat, or an art opening in LA or happy hour by the sea, preferably in the South of France, or maybe the Amalfi Coast, but honestly, any lake or sea will do. Even the glorious Pacific:)
I've paired it with the Cecilia bag, ya, it's not spelled the same, but how fun that I can carry a bag that's my namesake... click here if you need or even just want one!
The dress is available in all the sizes (x-small thru large), but not yet online so you'll have to reply here.
Speaking of...I am seriously working from home. I am wrapping and packing and shipping every day. I'm over the moon about our texts and emails and DMs and I am getting the hang of this... kind of. I have spoken to a few women this week, about getting a new schedule with the job or the projects, the kids or the whatever it is... We are resilient and we adapt. It's fascinating. I know it's not comfortable, and I know it's lonely, at least for me. Some of my more introverted friends are even wanting some more social engagement. I hear you, and I also see you finding new ways of going about your days, and I just want to say, you got this, like everything else. The feelings are big or small, the diversity in experiences among us may be huge, but I'm cheering you on, I am here for a chat, a gift, a nod, a high five, whatever it is you are needing, ask for it love. This day, like every day, is a great opportunity to take good care of you.
xoxo, Cecelia

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