Miss Jackson if you Nasty

It's Wednesday! While I'm back to being clear on which day it is, things are still feeling upside down both inside and outside my home. How are you feeling?
Any new habits or treasures you are finding in these days?
I'm trying to notice the gifts, while navigating a little one who is questioning most everything, especially nap time, and feeling triggered as I'm questioning everything too. What's staying, what's going, it's like a giant closet clean out of life... pre, during and post pandemic.
As I take a deep breath and come back to present I'm curious: what new customs, cultures and behaviors will come out of this experience? Priorities will certainly shift and habits will become very apparent, whether you keep them or not, you'll NOTICE them because so much has changed. A friend once said if you want to notice a habit, change the silverware drawer, see HOW LONG it takes before you go to the new drawer first. This is a really dramatic version of that little experiment:)
I'm really happy to be going into the shop and sharing my stories of our offerings. It has helped me hear from more of you, and I appreciate the community so much! I have found something very special from all of this which is women sending other women a little gift just because, just to brighten the day, just to support & share some vocabulary love, just ....
Your generosity has always inspired me and now I'm just loving to be a part of these gifts. It's like a game of pass it on, for everyday joy.
So, I thank you for reminding me that you are here, with me, with one another, virtual hugs or gift or comments or whatever it may be. You warm my heart and I'm grateful.
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. Here, I am feeling like I'm the lead bass player in a punk/surfer band from the 90s, maybe a little like the Red Elvises! Pollyanna, remember that show?! and maybe I play for Janet too...
This blazer is not online, but we have sizes: xsmall-large, so reply if you'd like one!
I'm wearing an x-small. Bracelet sleeves are cropped to show your cuffs:) Or not to encumber your playing of the strings...
It's a light blazer, great for Spring and Summer, and I love how it frames and highlights the necklaces you're wearing. I had some closer up images but I wanted to share this one because I'm wearing my vans, inspired by my niece, Hi Vivian!
...and it reminds me of how your tops might not exactly "match" your bottoms during your zoom meetings, hee hee, I will let your mind fill in the blanks on that one.
OH! I have a fun nugget from the week, Chanel, as in @ChanelOFFICIAL did a post about a "vocabulary of earrings", while we are launching our earring club at vocabulary. Coco and I are close, in a spiritual way, and it felt like a nod from her, a little kiss, like "Cecelia, you are on the right track, keep it up" en français of course. Suher pointed it out to me, or I would have missed it.
How sweet it is, those moments, when you receive a touch, a sparkle, a little glimmer of hope, for me gifts like this are PURE MAGIC!
Speaking of earring club, JOIN ME!
click here to see all the options online, and join the party!
If you are gifting the membership, please let me know the recipient's information so I can connect with them after you've given your gift.
I can also create a sweet virtual card with a description for you to share.
Option 1: CLICK HERE
One pair of earrings arrives at your door each month, around the 15th.
If you are paying monthly, it's $29 per month and if you pay for the year the price is $300.
Option 2: CLICK HERE
Two pair of earrings arrive at your door each month, around the 15th.
If you are paying monthly, it's $39 monthly, and if you pay for the year, the price is $450.
A great option if you like to have gifts on hand
Option 3: CLICK HERE
One pair of earrings arrives at your door each month, and it's a higher price point, generally gold filled or sterling silver, semi precious stones, and the questionnaire will be slightly more extensive and personalized. This is also a great option if you like to have allergies to metals.
Not sure which option to choose? I can send you the questionnaire and help you see what's best!

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