Ciao Bella!
I am writing to you on a Thursday because, honestly, yesterday I thought it was Tuesday until the late afternoon when I realized it was Wednesday and I hadn't sent you your outfit of the week email. Geesh!
So here I am, Happy Thursday Regazze!
I've got all kinds of feelings going, what's new, right? I'm super fired up that I am able to share with you my love of our pieces on instagram and apparently facebook, I didn't even realize they were going there as well, until yesterday!
I'm really struggling to come up with fun activities and structure for the days with Lillian, work, David, etc. Our home feels VERY small so trying to feel that as cozy instead of stifling... power of perspective. I'm going into the boutique a couple days per week because you all are shopping online and I LOVE preparing your packages and am so grateful. I feel safe, I'm solo, listening to music, wrapping gifts, writing thank you notes, and putting them at my door for the mail carrier. I could say Quarantine is a little like Christmas for me, again, power of perspective.
I was led through a very powerful and inspiring meditation on Tuesday, the first and actual Tuesday of my week, via a zoom birthday celebration. Lacey- resident angel and maker of Beauté Nouveau, shared her birthday gift with many of us, and I was taken to a new place. Literally. You know how thinking of a delicious food can make your mouth water without any food in front of you? Talk about power of the mind... I cleared any obstacles from my path, I went to a beautiful lake where the possibilities of all my dreams and desires were within reach, illuminating the twilight like fireflies. My heart sang, I was smiling from ear to ear, and I was reminded to acknowledge all the fear that I feel but then MOVE OUT OF IT, and bring my light to the world, to you, to my family, so that the energy I'm feeding isn't that of fear, it's higher, it's where we are going, it's inspiring us to move through the tunnel, not to be stuck where we are today, as a person or a community.
So, I thought I'd pass it on. Deep breaths, baby, hang in there, and continually make space for the sacred, for the gratitude and blessings so we continually move forward, toward the light.
I miss you and am REALLY excited to be connecting online, so please stay in touch, via email DM, facebook, wherever you like to hang out, I'm probably there too, and happy to see your sweet face!
You know what I also miss, pizza, at an italian restaurant with a red wine a salad and my loves at the table... SOON! A PRESTO! Promise.
This Roma Jumpsuit is one of my absolute fav.s! It's got me feeling all gucci gucci goo inside:)
Here's why! The ruffled sleeve, the floral print, the shade of red, the wide pant, the pockets, the elastic waistband... SUCH a comfortable and chic option.
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. Earrings will begin shipping this week for our new earring club!
click here to see all the options online, and join the party!
Please ask me any questions!!!
If you are gifting the membership, please let me know the recipient's information so I can connect with them after you've given your gift.
I can also create a sweet virtual card with a description for you to share.
Option 1: CLICK HERE
One pair of earrings arrives at your door each month, around the 15th.
If you are paying monthly, it's $29 per month and if you pay for the year the price is $300.
Option 2: CLICK HERE
Two pair of earrings arrive at your door each month, around the 15th.
If you are paying monthly, it's $39 monthly, and if you pay for the year, the price is $450.
A great option if you like to have gifts on hand
Option 3: CLICK HERE
One pair of earrings arrives at your door each month, and it's a higher price point, generally gold filled or sterling silver, semi precious stones, and the questionnaire will be slightly more extensive and personalized. This is also a great option if you like to have allergies to metals.
Not sure which option to choose? I can send you the questionnaire and help you see what's best!

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