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Oh Hello December! How are you? I'm writing a bit later due to a change in schedule, and the other day I heard myself say to a younger business woman, I've learned that the changes, interruptions and pivots are the norm, the smooth sailing, as planned is the interruption and rarity... lol SO TRUE! and yet I still trip each time, but hey, awareness is first step to acceptance, by the time I'm 90 I will be all over how I can live this life gracefully. hee hee kidding. I'm doing pretty well considering.
Partly because I have stepped into a lovely role this month in assisting you with your gifting. Phone calls, zooms, instagram live, texts, dms, you name it, I'm connecting with many of you and curating some lovely gift experiences for you and yours.
I always start with gifts for you. It's fun and easy!
So, as far as the universe is concerned, this seed was planted years ago when a young man came in and loved our options and asked me to put something together for his best girlfriend, and I had SO MUCH FUN! I had hoped when we first launched our website that we could do this more often, and no bites, and now, this is seeing the light and I'm happy to say I really do enjoy it the way I thought I would. It can be as specific and detailed as you liked, or I can just handle it, and I feel very confident, either way the recipient will feel touched with some serious joy.
So, if you need some assistance, let me know. Shipping dates are varying this year and as of Friday, tomorrow, we will have slightly less options than we have today, for shipping by Dec 24th, but hey, not everything is urgent, and we will still have a LOT of gorgeous options for you. One more reason locally made goods, like beauté nouveau skin care, are so great!
So, while gifting is on my mind. Here are my picks, without knowing to whom you are sending. These are really wonderful options. I'm happy to put together groupings of gifts at any price, so please reach out if you'd like assistance.
text is fastest! 619.316.6598
and heads up!
Anything personalized must be ordered by 7am, PST Friday to receive by 24th.
xoxo, Cecelia
Leather Tote, everyday carry all that supports women makers.
oil nouveau, absolutely wonderful for every single human who has skin.
worth every penny.
marisol wristlet in snake: chic, fabulous, useful, dramatic. $108
Bali Hoops: hip chic elevated everyday earrings.
Gift Card, any amount, and wonderful paired with brunch or dinner in Little Italy.
Earring Club, choose the subscription, and feel free to get someone started, two or three months. They can continue if they like, or not, no pressure:)
oh my heart necklace, gold filled. The absolutely sweetest everyday layering necklace.
PS. more giveaways coming your way, as well as another live shopping event, follow along with me on instagram @vocabularyboutique.
email me OR text me 619.316.6598.
Another idea! screen shot things you like, send them to me and send your man your mom, whomever wants to buy for you and I will hold your wish list. They can make an appt with me, via text, zoom whatever their preference. WIN WIN y'all.
Let's cultivate some joy and ease this giving season.
Next week my gift guide, my absolute go to's, we have in stock just gift this and most anyone would enjoy, but for now, let's connect!
Saturday holiday pop up, with gifts reselected in case they are a fit, curbside 10am
No parking if necessary. I got you...
PS. Share Beauté Nouveau body products with people you care about, they will LOOOOVE them! click image below, locally made, by an angel

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