Shopping Assistance

Okay okay okay, I am SO EXCITED, and I'm having so much fun!
I have had appointments every day with women asking for my help to send their gifts. Some like to talk all about the recipients, some say, girl you decide. Any budget... ANY budget. We are like elves, customizing, personalizing, gift wrapping, and shipping up in here.
I got you Santa, Cecelia is here to HELP!
OKAY!? You ready?
Now, how can I help you?
Who are you shopping for and what are you looking for?
Not sure? Let's chat, have a wine or coffee, and work it out!
I'm here for you.
MISSION: Happy Holidays, here we go!
MANTRA: how can I show up and be of service for myself and others. deep breath.
xo, Cecelia
to email me, just hit reply, OR text me 619.316.6598.
Another idea! screen shot things you like, send them to me and send your man your mom, whomever wants to buy for you and I will hold your wish list. They can make an appt with me, via text, zoom whatever their preference. WIN WIN y'all.
Let's cultivate some joy and ease this giving season.
Next week my gift guide, my absolute go to's, we have in stock just gift this and most anyone would enjoy, but for now, let's connect!
Saturday holiday pop up, with gifts reselected in case they are a fit, curbside 10am
No parking if necessary. I got you...
PS. Share Beauté Nouveau body products with people you care about, they will LOOOOVE them! click image below, locally made, by an angel
Friday 3-5
POP UP with Cafe Au Love
or by appointment
Mask and hand sanitizer required
During Open Hours
no more than two people will shop at the same time
text me: 619-316-6598 for private appointments
or DM me on instagram @vocabularyboutique

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