Celebrating a Joyful Heart

The universe sent me a valentine yesterday, with supportive evidence, which always means, Ya Cecelia, go ahead and believe, there's no need to talk yourself out of this one.
I have shared with you that vocabulary is in need of some new energy and we are headed in a slightly new direction as we fill our calendar with collaborations supporting women doing all kinds of incredible things. The conversations I'm having and plans we're making are super fun. I used to be a little skeptical if things were too fun.
I consulted with myself in a quiet place and asked, as I consider reinvesting, is it safe to continue? Clear answer was yes, and you will need some help. Perfect. I LOVE help.
I can't even tie my shoes on my own these days, hence my love of loafers. My hands are full.
So then there's the money piece. USED TO BE VERY SCARY! Where is this going to come from, and if I can't easily see the return on investment, I doubt myself as a person and business owner.
HOWEVER, when I explore the feelings associated with these collaborations, with our reimagining of the space, and I feel JOY, over the moon, so so excited! I'm really into the women I'm working with, both their expertise and their passions and I love supporting people. That's my passion.
So I ask for some reassurance from a trusted confidante. She said what if you were talking to your grandmother, and she put her hand on your shoulder, and said, honey you are worth that times 10,000 and if this makes you feel this much joy, we are DOING IT, together.
I am crying right now. What if our heart's work was always funded easily. Guess what, it probably is, we just so often question it before we get to find out how.
Later in the day a friend calls to tell me about an adventure she and her family are beginning. She's scared but asked for family support, and their response: We are here to help any way we can.
Heart Throb, Mic Drop, Chills all over... the relief, the uplifting, the feeling of the universe's support in these moments is Grace, and I'm grateful to know it, to notice it.
So, again I'm on a treasure hunt, along with fleurish interiors@loveofknots, and all of you, as I reinvest in our space, our relationships, and all of these makers putting their passions out there to be enjoyed by those who enJOY them. How will it come together, and what will we learn?
I'm grateful you are traveling with me on this year of yes, as I have faith (my word of the year) that if I follow my joy, I will learn valuable lessons. PERIOD. Grateful.
Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!
I'm obsessed with this dress, if you need one for your Galentine's brunch or to wear to our Macrame Workshop. It has gold flecks, and I love gold flecks.
Know that I love you too and am grateful for your big heart!
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. How good does it feel to look at your wall and see a piece of artwork, knotted by your own hands as you mingled with the ladies on February 27th... SO GOOD!
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