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Giiiiiiiiirrrrrrlllll, when I put on this coral cardigan it was Spring. I LOVE Spring! The bright color, loose knit and all white ensemble that accompanies this gorgeous pop of color is everything I need to brighten my day, my perspective, my life. We'll have it online soon, but I couldn't wait to share. It's just arrived in the boutique. Coming from Michigan, Spring is a beacon of light, a glorious gift that arrives when it's ready, and is long anticipated. I'm a little impatient so I moved to San Diego where my first hits of Spring Fever happen in January! It's magic. Talk about a life hack, lol
Wearing colors that inspire, soothe, transform, another life hack. Here's to dressing for you, how you feel in your skin has a big impact on how you show up in your day, and while you get dressed every day, adding some intention to the mix can really be a game changer.
How do you want to feel? We're here to help.
xoxo, Cecelia
This month I hope to see you shopping for our new arrivals AND for our several workshops or pop ups. This month we will learn how to macrame a wall hanging with @love of knots and get introduced to Bear Necessities Co, a local CBD oil infused body products whose philosophy is very simple: CBD is good for you. It’s great for the environment, it’s great for your skin, and it’s great for your health. It’s a staple that’s unfortunately missing from most family medicine cabinets and bathroom counters, and we’re setting out to change that.
Who else would you like to meet here?! Let me know!
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