Hello there! I see you!

Another year wiser?! I don't know, sometimes I feel like I did in college, the more I learn the more I'm aware of all I don't know or yet understand...acceptance. Here I am.
We are filled and surrounded with complicated life experiences, intense emotions and a lack of understanding for how to cope. Each day I've been reminded this week, accept what is and give it some love. Less perfection, more compassion. So I will remind you, everyone around you is having a complicated life experience, as are you. Every single one of us is challenged by our emotional experiences, some more aware than others.
If that heart is beating, it's vibrating out into the universe, and a simple hug or hand hold is helpful, a good listen is so very valuable and a sense of humor is absolutely required.
You can do all of this with and for yourself. Self care isn't just a trend, its a valuable aspect to living your life and getting to know who you actually are: asking yourself how you feel, what you need, and listening for even a very shy & subtle answer, and then doing your best to take care of you...
It's kind of a big deal, meaning it's the deal. I believe it's why we are here.
So, We're here to help. It's who I am:)
We have SO MANY new pieces to try to help you feel more comfortable in your skin as you navigate all this life has to offer, and speaking of skin...
We have an abundance of Beauté Nouveau skincare products that are honestly day changers.
Make a date for yourself, find something fabulous to wear, do your hair... or not, and try a mini facial. Ask us about how, love, I promise you we won't disappoint.
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. I was thinking our little marketplace of pop-ups could be called love nest, what do you think?
A place where we lovingly incubate new growth, cultivating and spreading joy.
and give us a minute, we are working at what feels like a snails pace getting them all added. This online store "sitch" is not so quick &easy, but really is anything?! see above, lol...

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