Ciao Bellissima

Ciao! It's my birthday week, and as I indulged in lunch with girlfriends, a bottle of my favorite wine, and had some non-emergency goodies delivered during the football game Sunday, I appreciated my age and having a clear idea of what I enjoy & how to prioritize myself.
I hope I can be inspiring. I've also been uncovering some limiting beliefs as I explore this new direction with vocabulary, using our space to host you and yours. All change (even fun n subtle change) is activating. I'm noticing I have a propensity to hope for the best and then dampen any dreams with fear of what's happened in the past, or worst case scenarios. I don't know about you, but lately I keep reading messages about how this new year will be different than any before it, because we are growing, and why would we live on repeat?! That's just silly, right? I'm appreciating it so very much, but feel its a new message. Apparently this is my time to clear out that energetic closet if you will. What's no longer serving me, like those jeans that are too tight, too low waisted and too boot cut. Yes Lillian will be upset they are gone someday but they are taking up space in my mind, life, heart and they don't fit ... Like the denim, the belief that this won't work out for me, just has to go. It's fear based with some big red flags for evidence, that really have no place in my future. I've learned from my life experiences and business ventures, even the scary ones, and am stronger, more loving and wiser for it.
So, while these paper bag pants ARE fitting for this fabulous new year, I'm both wearing them and saying out loud on repeat, I GOT THIS!
I know you are coming with me on my journey, so send me your favorite brands, especially if you only know them online and want to meet them in person, perhaps they will pop up in our space this year...
You'll help us reach our goal: 50 collaborations in 52 weeks!
PS. feeling totally inspired by the decor here at Il Dandy, a bankers hill must!
Remember, We are moving forward with our remodel soon, to better facilitate our collaborations. Please let me know if you want to take home any of our current fixtures:)
xoxo, Cecelia

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