Okay okay okay, there are moments when one needs to stop and say, no YELL are you kidding me?! THIS IS AHHMAAZING!
No one likes to celebrate a win more than me, and yesterday I had the privilege of taking a #SterlingStroll with my dear friend, Krystel, who is a power house when it comes to manifestation of dreams, achievement of goals and minding her own business, lol, the name of her new book which was just published, and you, like me, can buy on amazon right now. click here.
So, this week's email is a bit of a love letter to her, and you, who also cares about how you take care of yourself, your work, your family & friends, your home, your heart, while growing and striving, thriving...
I love how you unconditionally love, and I love how you strive, yet reconsider when things need adjustment or feel out of alignment. I love how you trust yourself even when you feel scared or uncertain. I love how you get so excited about the possibility, and then still celebrate and love the reality, often watered down or heavy with less than ideal human or worldly characteristics.
I love that you have taught me that pretty, I really mean beauty, and smart go together like butter and croissant. I love that friends trump money, while still prioritizing profits and honoring worthiness.
I love how you rock our oatmeal sweater (OOTW, click here) while enjoying a coffee and your own book, which has been published and you, like me, can purchase online right now.
Wait did I say that already?!
I ... I am A LOT impressed by this fact. I don't know many published authors, and I have started the book, and am using the guidance to help me shift toward a more collaborative collection of experiences at vocabulary, and finding it very valuable. I'm even mentioned in the book which makes me feel humble and proud and silly and smart, ha ha, as attention can, but truly believe that finding YOUR WAY of doing things in this world is where its at. Krystel and I are in agreement on this belief/fact and have held one another accountable for years by asking: What do YOU want? in most every situation that arises.
So on this note of celebration, I say YAY!
Here's to you, all of you, using your voice, offering guidance and illumination or hand holding, as we show up and try, grow, expand, love and learn, and sometimes really WIN!
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. Below is our first workshop! So excited to host Jade @themindrulmagnolia
We have begun filling our calendar with amazing pop-ups, workshops and events. I'm thrilled about this goal: 50 collaborations in 52 weeks. Let me know how we can help support you in your networking, fundraising, learning, teaching, etc... Our space is available. Simply Reply to this email!
Krystel will be coming to play with us in person after her book tour, so please grab her book & workbook and know she will be coming to support you in person.
Want a seat at her table immediately?! Click here for tour info
Pps. We will be moving forward with our redecorating soon, to better facilitate our collaborations. Please let me know if you want to take home any of our current fixtures:)
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