Walk It Off

I'm walking, not running. I'm feeling the hope and freshness of January, excited. I love the crisp mornings with BRIGHT sunshine promising afternoon delight.
Yet I feel some fatigue and fear & anxiety. The shadow side of newness.
I want our entire Spring Collection here already but instead need to allow for the trickling in of the new colors and silhouettes. We have two new stylists learning the ropes, excited to meet you. One of my favorite things about vocabulary is when stylists join our team they fall pretty instantly in love with you. "Cecelia our clients are so kind"! I hear it over and over, and it makes me so happy that we cultivate joy on both sides of the fitting room:)
I want to dedicate my whole heart to my daughter, to you, to my team, to my husband, to my family, to this country, to this planet. I feel overwhelm. I consider how I can do that in my own way, with intention, prayer, collaboration, and honesty.
Everything IS possible, in some form, right? What's my version? I'm considering this and so much more as I walk Lillian these days. Vocabulary has grown, she has grown, needs are shifting, like the seasons, like the styles...What's new is a loaded question, and I am taking my time to unpack it, as we make final decisions about how to use and redecorate our space, how to offer more lines you and I both love, and break up with old commitments that no longer serve. It always fascinates me that everything we consider in our personal lives is present at work. I know... duh.
It's all about who we are and what we're learning, and that process knows no walls.
So I invite you in, with open arms, vulnerable, with my hopeful heart as we grow before your eyes. Patience, imagination, and Curiosity ALL REQUIRED on this journey. Are you with me?
I thought these overalls were a great OOTW considering there's much work to be done, and yet, many moments of walking, contemplating, and allowing... gentle movement of so many parts all to their own timing. Needing to be cute, always, comfortable of course, and ready to get down & dirty. Let's do this 2020! Where are you headed, and what are you wearing?
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. Thank you for helping me welcome Jacqueline and Yolanda!
Kristana, we miss you and wish you ALL the joy and success!
New Arrivals online next week!

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