Don't Cry in Your Crepe

Hi love! So, this is Lillian and I yesterday morning, I'm wearing very fun shoes and my new favorite jeans, link here, because I had to pep myself up as I felt a very heavy, anxious weight from the election. My aunt took us out for crepes at creme de la crepe in Hillcrest. I had a new awareness that while research shows that most EVERYONE wants and needs the same things, we are polarized in how to achieve them politically, AND there are a LOT of "associations" to the two parties. I believe certain things are true of people who vote this way or that or not at all. In response, the universe showed me something new. I learned of an organization that said they would not accept the polarization, saying it was being cultivated outside of ourselves, and began gathering folks from both parties and using marriage counseling techniques, to support discourse and a knowing of neighbors. I'm interested in learning more. I will let you know what I find. I am also LOVING the daily podcast, and listening almost daily, pretty sure that's where I learned about this group.
So what I'm noticing is that my days are filled with a lot of noise, shit, honestly, and there are these glorious nuggets of truth, gifts, ideas, blessings, and I have to say that it takes a LOT of discipline to celebrate the 1% of the day but it's crucial in maintaining my loving open heart, and my mantra helps me too: I can do hard things.
How are you feeling, and do you need to try these jeans!? Let me know. I'm here.
xoxo, Cecelia
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Ps. We have a new use for your old denim! If you have any you'd like to drop off, we will happily take any shape, size, color, or state of being... And stay tuned:)
So cool what can come out of a closet clean out and a pandemic...
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