Basically, Basics are the BEST

I have just purchased a few new styles of denim, I'm constantly looking for the PERFECT fit at hip waist and length, who isn't?! I love a capri flare that is not too flarey and not too straight. I am trying on a size larger than earlier this year, which is not frustrating because of the number, but frustrating because I'm feeling uncomfortable in my skin, who isn't, lol, well, this is one thing I'd prefer to be alone in. Whether it's the Santa Anas making me feel like I'm about to shed my skin it's so dry, or the high waisted denim I loved now fitting a bit too tight, or perhaps what feels like the hundredth offer on a house not going through for yet again an odd reason...
I am writing this from the comfort of my incredibly soft and luxurious bed, after smothering my skin in beauté nouveau slim tonic body oil, gaining some much needed balance to an otherwise uncomfortable day. Lillian and I counted our blessings out loud this morning, which shifted my mood immediately and all of this has me thinking about coming back to what IS working. In my wardrobe, it's always my favorite tees, my favorite denim, my favorite bag, my favorite shoes. They are what I wear, basically every day. They aren't basic; they are essential, and today I'm celebrating them. Sometimes we need a bigger bag to carry around even more &*%$# and sometimes we need a different size to help us feel more comfortable in our day.
Here's to 20% off some of my fav.s.
This utility bag is BIG and beautiful and comfortable to carry. Our new denim is cool yet comfy.
Maybe you always need another, or perhaps you need to upgrade your one and only.
Let me know. These will be online tomorrow, but today, you can just reply and we will get your order started. The ra ra rachel utility bag comes in black or whiskey (darker brown) as well as this pretty cognac.
Price is $258 - 20% off this week only
I Miss you, want to schedule an appointment?!
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. We have a new use for your old denim! If you have any you'd like to drop off, we will happily take any shape, size, color, or state of being... And stay tuned:)
So cool what can come out of a closet clean out and a pandemic...
text me: 619-316-6598 for private appointments
or DM me on instagram @vocabularyboutique

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