Floral Jumpsuit

I have just returned home from an overnight with Lillian in Palm Springs. This jumpsuit matched the decor by the pool, as well as my aperol spritz, haven't tried one?! Here's a recipe, you are WELCOME, and thank you Paula for the introduction, both to Palm Springs and the Spritz, lol.
I love the floral pattern and the linen blend of the fabric, great for a warm Autumn day or evening. A jumpsuit is like a dress in that you are moving on to accessories lickety split, once you've decided to wear one, but also, a statement maker. Somehow it's bolder than a dress, fashion wise, perhaps because you have to work for it (in the sense that going to the bathroom is trickier) or maybe because you feel a bit like a boss because it's pants and there's no issue if you want to to a quick cartwheel while you are out... I like a jumpsuit for instances like great heels, shorter events, perhaps no need for a potty break, and wanting to walk in with a BOOM, I'm here, and I'm fabulous kind of vibe. This one did just that:) Link here. As it gets chillier, pair with this leather jacket which is an absolute DREAM.
The mask, well, I had to have at LEAST one outfit of the week with a mask, and this one is timely and fitting... meaning it fits very comfortably:)
I hope that you are voting. I can say truly that I feel empowered when I submit my ballot. I hope that my vote works in support of the highest good of all life, and this planet. How's that for intention?! Benevolence. Boom.
Wearing it in Palm Springs was fun and conversation provoking. Each response was either excited I was voting or excited they were voting or both. How great is that?! Not about why or for whom, but in celebration of the right and action to participate.
I'm also into these new bags and wallets below, the marisol...
check them out, sweet but with a fierce twist, a bit like a spritz, and pairs perfectly with a jumpsuit, or anything else you might be wearing!
Ps. a little Halloween Treat from local non-profit
Write Out Loud. This is my Aunt's organization, whom I love but also rely on because her recorded stories are a favorite of Lillian's, who loves to hear stories, and honestly this mama loves to sub-contract that out from time to time, lol
click HERE to let them read YOU a story!
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