My New Fav Tee

Bonjour mon cherie... I'm here writing to you partly because I have finished watching the entire season of Emily in Paris and can actually get back to work during nap time. This show was about as necessary and uplifting for me as my vacation. (I've linked a funny article about why so many hate it, and yet watch it...that's not me)
Honestly, so grateful to have had a week of lunches spent around Paris with this bright beauty, and her eyebrows:) I always have criticisms of cultural influence but overall I was inspired each episode, laughed out loud, said ahhhhhhhh too many times to count and even shared with Lillian who one day cried when it was over. I want to watch more Emily in Paris!... ha ha because all she wants in the world is a show these days, but still, it was cute. I dressed a little differently today because of the style of the show, and it infused a well let's just say a je ne sais quoi into my day, each day a little french twist if you will, and I felt pure joy, and what day can't use a dose of that?!
Our outfit of the week is PERFECTION! simple, effortless, chic, and I'm obsessed. CHECK OUR STORIES for my try on!
Ps. Here are the outfit links: the baldwyn tee and the esme pantleather tote.
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