Balloon Dress

Well I can tell you that my trip, or escape, was required. I can see again, I can feel again, I'm present, without feeling the weight of 100 days before... Does that make sense? I'm better able to focus, and I'm excited again, to do a try-on of this dress and collaborate with @artinthefind as she also tries it on and talks about why she loves it....
Clothes... I read a book to Lillian on a daily basis about Coco Chanel, and when you only have about ten pages to describe a person and one of the pages basically says
she made clothes that were comfortable for women to wear, so they could breathe...
HUGE, doesn't suffice.
And to write this after reading many posts about Kamala Harris saying, "I'm speaking..". and taking back the mic, over and over and over again...
Just seems fitting. We are in a constant state of evolution, growth and change, however slow or progressive, and I love helping you dress in a way that supports whatever it is that you are doing and how ever you are feeling each day.
This dress is perfection. It's chic; it's comfortable; and it's beautifully playful.
Wearing it allows me to relax, and focus on what's at hand, because I can breathe, and I feel confident enough to repeat myself as many times as it may take for someone to hear me.
You are worth it. You are beautiful, inside and out, and it's okay, in fact it's essential that you are here. I LOVE seeing what you have to contribute my dear.
BIG love to you on this gorgeous day, during an incredible year.
Miss you, please schedule an appointment!
xoxo, Cecelia
Ps. Rachel Zoe tees have arrived and I'm pretty sure they are even better than I thought when I tried the samples. Love it when that happens. You will love the feel of the fabrics and the fit.

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