Happy Fall

Happy Fall! It's officially here, and I'm currently in Michigan where the leaves are changing before my eyes, the breeze goes back and forth between warm & cool, helping my body feel the transition as the light shifts. I change my clothes throughout the day, justifying my heavy suitcase, nothing going to waste.
Hmmmmmm. Change. Hmmm... Deep breath.
While this is always true, this season I'm particularly aware of the fact that I don't understand what we are changing into... I can grab a sweater and cozy up for the evening, but I have no idea what Winter looks like for me, for us... I keep saying this is a wonderful lesson in staying present, because there is no way to imagine what's next anyway! I am still allowing myself to daydream goals and ideals arriving with ease. I give myself love when the fears grow again, and thank them for their concern, "now back in the back seat please, quiet down" I guide them.
I haven't been writing as much, because partly I feel so similarly each week. I'm back to my mantra: wonderful things happen for me when I relax. I'm vacationing with my mom and getting some fresh air while feeling the warmth and safety of "home", and satisfying that part of me that craved a change, hoping to escape the challenges of covid and related concerns. It's here too, sooooooo, lol, I laugh.
I'm reminding my daughter and myself that we are "home" regardless of location. I'm trying to infuse my breath and my hugs for her with the associated energy: comfort, familiarity, safety.
I share it with you as well.
Back at the boutique we have some new dresses coming in this week. I hope you'll consider, and let me know if there is anything else you are craving. We aren't bringing in as much as usual but we are being very intentional about the new pieces we are offering. I am excited about the contrasting vibes of these two, both fashion forward. I hope you are enjoying dressing with more intention these days, for you.
Rachel Zoe's tees will arrive next week as well.
New arrivals will be available online ASAP, but for now, message me, text me or DM me on instagram for an appointment or to order and we will happily ship, and please keep checking in.
Miss you, Love you!
Ps. More try-ons happening on our instagram stories, please FOLLOW ME to see what we have coming in, how it fits, and why I LOVE it. Conni @artinthefind will be styling the black dress soon. SWOON. Always fun and helpful to see her tips n tricks.
Honestly, I often find myself putting pieces together similar to her, days or months after she's inspired me, whether I realize it or not. She's just a magic maker in using your favorites from your wardrobe in new and interesting ways.
Pps. We just got in all kinds of new earrings for Earring Club, are you ready to join?!?! Click here for sweet deets! Just a few of my fav.s below.
email: cecelia@vocabularyboutique.com or REPLY here
text me: 619-316-6598 for private appointments
or DM me on instagram @vocabularyboutique

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