Everyone Out & About!

Many of you say you like my emails because you can hear me speaking as you read.  Today I'm yelling! and my hands are up!!
Everyone, calm the F down!
I'm going to assume this is NOT JUST ME that is surrounded by folks getting ALL WORKED UP about something, everything.  Woah.  
You know I'm really yelling at myself, right?!  
Luckily I went to an AMAZING yoga class yesterday with my aunt who has been practicing longer than I've been alive.  How RAD is that?!
Rex, at hot n soul yoga said something to the effect of:
bless everyone, those who practice yoga and those who never find it, those who look down upon it, those who practice every single day.  Bless every single life, NOT ONE LIFE EXCLUDED. In my mind I added EVERY LIFE INCLUDED.
What else is there?  Now I'm speaking softly... Sometimes, when the minute details are less than perfect, which is always, this larger awareness is available.  I told my husband this morning, in tears, I'm just so frustrated with everyone's humanness... Well, that means I'm frustrated with my humanness, I'm feeling vulnerable.  Now, lets just bless me and everyone else on this beautiful day and go back to the breath that is in this moment, and calm the F down:)  Merriment can ensue with or without you purchasing gifts.  You can show up with your heart on your sleeve. If they question you, which some may,  you can ask for forgiveness, or for patience, or for a hug.  There are no set rules people, and everyone is just doing the best they can.  This particular message today feels very personal and yet, like it's flowing through me, like many of us need to hear it.  So get in here, let us help you feel good about where you are today, because that's good enough:) You are enough. I heard recently "there's nothing that can't be learned from and gotten through", sorry I can't think of who said it! I'm happy to share it. Namaste. and Here's to a blessed and happy holiday season.
xoxo, Cecelia
To all of you who shopped with me Sunday, what a treat to see you, wrap up your gifts and style you for your holiday parties.  
MADE MY YEAR! honestly, thank you. muah!
PS. I LOVE how this outfit of the week shot looks like an US Weekly, look she does normal things with her daughter like get coffee at portal!  LOL in her french connection sweater from vocabulary boutique, converse and JCREW jeans. hee hee just a little celebrity sighting up in Little Italy with my beautiful Lillian Claire.  Best Gift Ever!

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