Oh What Fun

The varsity sweater: perfectly cozy, oversized and smartly striped. Wear it to the holiday parade or caroling. It's perfect for New Years Day Football.  I don't know about you, but I have a capsule wardrobe for the holidays.  My favorite sweaters, a sparkly skirt, couple pieces of jewelry... I love getting them out, and when one of them is too tired or no longer fits, I'm excited to replace it.  These are the pieces I've often found when shopping for holiday gifts and basically wore them out of the shop, and for a week straight, afterward... Tell me you have done this too.  It's not selfish, it's participatory! You are contributing to the shared and infections spirit!
I'm not sure why exactly, but the holidays are reason to dress for the moment, seize the day.  We don't have this weather often, we don't often have so many occasions, right?  It's a beautiful reminder actually, to be thinking of each day for how good it can feel.  Even as I'm working from home this morning, I considered putting on Christmas Music, and should I make my coffee first?  (answer is no, because my little one will wake up any second, but for the rest of you, YES make your coffee first and enjoy! ha haI don't often stop to consider my playlist or set up my space, I just dive in.  So there's something to this time & space that I'm even having a hard time articulating. It's like the holiday spirit comes into us, and our feelings and senses are heightened.  We care more about what we hear and taste and seeT. he lights on the Christmas tree inspire joy in our home, a subtle quiet sparkly peace, that is joyful.  We plan meals differently this time of year, we bake more frequently. Some of this comes from tradition and some from wanting to make the most of each day in new ways.  Maybe the limited timing of "the holidays" helps us do what so many of us talking about doing all the rest of the year:  Living in the Present with an awareness of all our blessings.
I wish you a very happy holiday season, and ask you, how good can you allow it to be?
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. We're here to help!  Let us know what you want and need, and we'll LOVE getting to help you cross items off your list, often made with such love and intention. Here's last week's gift guide poncho PERFECTION!

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