Presents & Presence

The gift of presence in addition to presents:) Here's some gift inspo. 
Our goal is to make your gifting easier and more joyful than ever before! 
1. You can schedule your visit with us ahead of time. We can pull pieces for you and yours before your arrival.  Email me! or text us 
You can even send us your gift giving list!
2. When shopping for your holiday ensemble, you can pick up a few gifts which we will happily gift wrap while you are in the dressing room.
3. We can ship gifts on your behalf, just provide us with the addresses, and we'll get them delivered for you! Remember we LOVE this!
Our gift for you this holiday season: joy, peace and ease.
I was feeling very overwhelmed this morning, with the messiness of the house vs. the calm and quiet of rocking my little girl to sleep, looking into her eyes (her favorite as well as mine) and living in the exact moment I'd hoped for, for so many years.  Dishes can wait is such a challenging position, yet really easy.  
Being present instead of "doing" is a shift I'm trying to make, which I've mentioned, and its TOUGH but really it's the easier way.  My dear friend Margaret asked me about my word for 2019... Win and Ease have come up, maybe its easy win.  I will keep you posted. 
Ultimately, we are here to help you have fun wrapping up a list of gifting, clearing up the space and time for you to be in your joy, whatever it is.  Not sure? Give yourself a moment and ask.  Take a few breaths and see what pops into your mind or your heart.
What are you inviting into your life this holiday season?
Me?  The gift that is presence.  
Big Love to you!
xoxo, Cecelia 

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