If you know me, you know I'm an idea factory. I have countless ideas on a daily basis, some small, most big, and I'm often certain that the smallest of synchronicity means my big idea is coming to fruition, next week. This week, I'm enjoying the synchronicity for all the magic that it is, without attaching it to any outcome, big or small. Yesterday, the stars aligned before the full moon. I enjoyed inspired conversation, timely meeting with friends (Hi B), opportunities abound, and shared values, experiences... Message received: I am not alone, there are many possibilities and appreciation for uncertainty is the theme of the week. Amidst my gratitude, Angie (short for Angel:) invited Lillian and I in for the banging of a gong. Like I said, magic. Lillian loved the space and instruments, hung from the wall on a pilates something or other and in the end the woman said "perhaps they should have more classes for children". A gift for us certainly, and potentially a gift for her, but who knows, and this time I'm not going to concern myself any further than what was a blessed and sparkly day, in an amazingly cozy sweater with a delicious cappuccino from Better Buzz in la la la jolla, a village by the sea...
My current life is a dream.
Thank you for coming along with me on my journey.
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. the new pieces from Thatch are so sweet and subtle, like dreamy kisses you can wear all day. feel free to forward this link or indulge in some self love.
Pop in Friday for hot cocoa with Suher.
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