Holiday Gifting

I'm making a list: it's short and sweet. It's interview style, who what where when, ha ha, all with intention...I shop small where I can, I shop online when I can't go in person, and I ask for help.
If something is arriving late, I think how fun it is to get a gift on another day, and when Lillian crumples up the ornament we made, I think how special her hands touched something shipping far away, where an actual hug or hand hold isn't possible.
I listen to Christmas music as much as possible and ask that the grace, rich sentiment and sacred energy of love infuse every aspect of every day. Today, the synchronicity continues, angels working with me, and I ask you how we can help make your giving easier, more fun, more festive...
We're here for you!
And honestly, when in doubt beauté nouveau.
It's a day changer in the best possible way, made by an actual angel here on Earth.
I hope you are having a joyous holiday season.
xoxo, Cecelia
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