Happy Valentine's Day

Well hello Valentine. How are you?!
I have the most beautiful earrings for you for valentine's day, and every day of this incredible year! How gorgeous are these, with gold and pink petals?!
I'm head over heels with this new designer I found. More of her pieces are available too! click here
We have been shipping so many valentines out this week, what a delight to help cultivate and spread joy all over this messy world:)
It's dreamy, and if you need my assistance, I'm here to help, and Yolanda too, she is our in house angel, who blesses each package as its sent on its way to you:)
Speaking of shipping...
It may seem as though I've been hibernating, but I've actually been very busy over on instagram. We have taken a turn it seems, and I must thank you for caring enough about our business and your style, that you have come along with me, as we now operate primarily online.
I'm in shock, I'm in awe, I'm having fun! I'm grateful and surprised and nervous, and... I'm having fun.
We are still here in our beautiful, almost redecorated boutique, but rarely have visitors these days. I MISS YOU!
While we take appointments and are still open most weekends,
I am talking new arrivals, and all things happening in my universe on Instagram LIVE Fridays 10am PST.
I've basically hired myself as the star of my own show... It's a bit of a rocky start, honestly, but I'm getting the hang of it and my boss (that's also me) is half love bug with all the hugs and half get your S*&%T together before next week... You know the type?!
hee hee
So, the shift has been a bit all consuming, and I apologize for not seeing you here in this sacred space, and intend to get back her weekly, but am giving myself some grace as I'm basically starting a new business, 11 years in with so much change, and a toddler as a personal assistant:)
She helps keep things light, silly, and not too tidy...
you know that type too right?!
Please join me for instagram live Fridays, or watch them whenever you choose, and if you have no idea what that even means, I get it, I didn't either a year ago. I'm happy to walk you through it, OR figure out a way to share the videos with you, without instagram... There has got to be a way:)
I do miss your face, in person, and am hoping to see you soon.
You can book an appointment if you aren't finding us on the weekends.
For all of those gifts, cravings, and fashion emergencies, visit our online shop which basically now allows you to see my picks any day or night, and please text me or email me with questions.
Chances are, I'm up. wink wink
Happy Valentines Day Love!
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. This week... Friday's instgram live has a yoga focus, fun leggings and bags great for life on and off the mat.
Saturday, my sister Nellie, is leading us in an instagram live yoga class for heart opening!
We will head over to her at 9am Saturday PST.
It's pretty fun up in here, most of all this change is positive, and I'm really hopeful that our connection, as it evolves, will continue to bring us closer and better serve you in exploring and articulating your personal style.
You let me know how!
Need immediate gifts for you and yours?!
Try our gift cards or earring club subscriptions. *
xoxo, Cecelia
Get in Touch
email: cecelia@vocabularyboutique.com
text me: 619-316-6598 for private appointments or styling questions
or DM me on instagram @vocabularyboutique

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