Nautical Knits... I'm All Aboard

Happy Friday!
I had the amazing opportunity to get back on the Aolani Catamaran in the San Diego Bay this week. Remember our epic birthday party when we all went sailing?! I cannot wait to have a birthday party again, but sailing, we can still do, plenty of outdoor space for distancing and connecting... Highly recommend their charter if the sea is calling. Pick up!
This nautical knit sweater is the classic Spring Sweater, all cotton, perfectly striped and I'm wearing it on repeat. So highly recommend this staple as well. Reminds me of the East Coast Classics I grew up going gah gah over. I love a good nod to Jackie and Coco, and this is it.
This week we tried a little something new... like every week isn't something new these days, ha ha, and I took my instagram show on location. We filmed and photographed our new hats aboard the Aolani, and had a really good time doing it.
The hats by Gigi Pip are beautiful, hip, classic, cool, all the things. You can have confidence in the quality, which got us talking about what helps us feel more confident. I'm curious, when do you wear a hat, and if you don't... why not?
I sat down with Conni from @artinthefind and we chatted about styling outfits with hats and beliefs we have around things we can and can't wear, I'm always so curious why we believe what we do, and love asking if it's still serving us, ESPECIALLY if we didn't even realize it was a belief. Woah. Ya, those hard questions about who we are and why, impact how we get dressed and then how we feel in our clothing, and then how we show up in the world. Haaaaaaa Deep exhale. It's all connected my love, and the great thing about that is... when you dress with intention, and feel good in your body and outfit, then all of those things are impacted as well. Even a small amount of self awareness and then self love and acceptance can really change a day, a week, a job, a relationship. It's big, and it not only starts with us, it really is all about us. You are so special and deserve really getting to know how cool you are, and which hats you actually enjoy wearing, and which are really for the birds.
wink wink
I'm fired up and will leave you on that note, but want to thank you for continuing on this journey with me, as vocabulary adapts. I'm grateful for so many of you taking the time to complete my survey. SUPER helpful feedback and I really appreciate it. I do feel I wasn't perfectly clear in my last note about the online shop. While it's fun and exciting it has become 100% essential for us to remain open this year. We are hoping to build up staff and open hours, and I truly want to offer you the wonderful experience of popping into the boutique as you stroll Little Italy, no appointment needed, with a great collection of goodies ever rotating. It will be a step by step process, that's not as fun to discuss as our collection, but know that I'm determined to move all the nuts and bolts I can to continue, and hope the more who shop with us, the more incredible I can make that experience for you. Symbiotic relationships are both beautiful and vulnerable, so we get to learn about this together, and I couldn't be happier.
xoxo, Cecelia
PS. On the collaborative note,
PLEASE watch and enjoy and like and share my instagram videos if you are at all able. It's a huge boost to me getting to remain open and grow this boutique in what I hope is sustainable. I have IGTV, posts and stories featuring our new hats and gorgeous hand made earrings.
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